All You Need to Know About Sunday Service Kanye Merch

sunday service kanye merch

Kanye West dropped his Sunday Service Kanye Merch in 2019 to go along with his ‘Sunday Service’ performance at Coachella. Fans, of course, gobbled up the merch at the festival. The collection was also available on the singer’s website with a few online-exclusive pieces. If you liked the collection or still wish to own pieces from it; you can still do so. If you want to know more about the collection; here’s all you need to know about it.

Fan by Fan Merch

Sunday Service Kanye Merch may not be available on the singer’s website anymore. There is never any surety about when the collection or some items from it will be available for the fans. But you can buy it anytime from the fan by fan merch sellers.

Fan by fan merch is not official merch but inspired from it. The designs are strikingly similar to the original collection. So, you won’t feel left out or feel as if you are wearing the wrong stuff even if you sport an item from the fan by fan collection and attend the singer’s concert.

But the best part about fan by fan merch is that the items are way less expensive than the items from the original collection. The price of the original collection items run into hundreds of dollars. The least expensive item in the original collection was a pair of the sock at $50! The tees started at $70 and sweatshirts were priced up to $225. How many people can afford such price tags? Even if you can afford to buy such a pricey merch, it doesn’t make any sense to do so for really basic designs.

In contrast, fan by fan merch is priced really low. You can buy sweatshirts for $30-$35. The tees are available from $26. Now, this is such a drastic change in the pricing from the original collection! Best of all – you won’t find any difference in the quality or the designs in the two collections.

The items are made-to-order on the fan by fan merch websites. So, you can always order the design and color you want without worrying about an item going out-of-stock.

Good Quality

The fan by fan merch is made with fabric blends of cotton and polyester in usually 50:50 ratio. The fibers are strong and the blend adds softness to the clothing. You will feel comfortable after donning items from the collection. The cotton is heavy to add strength to the fibers. The fabric is soft and comfortable. You will feel cozy while sporting the sweatshirts and the tees.

The colors on the fibers and the prints are bright. The print won’t fade away with just a few washes. Fan by fan merch follows the same quality standards as the original collection.

Easy on the Eye

Sunday Service Kanye Merch consists of simple yet striking designs. Some tees and sweatshirts contain images of Jesus along with text; others consist of only text in terms of the design.

The texts read as ‘Jesus is King’, ‘Trust God’, ‘Holy Spirit’, or ‘Sunday Service’. Some items consist of both the texts along with a religious image. Some other items show seals of states such as New York and others. The lettering is black, gray, or red depending on the designs and the base fabric color.

Some tees also contain witty slogans. But note that the collection has religious themes in terms of its design. You can still easily combine them with other items such as jackets or coats for a stylish look.

You can find almost every item in different colors such as red, blue, yellow, white, black, gray, pink, and purple. Some basic tees are only available in either black or white.

The color combination of text and the base color is fine. The entire design comes together if there is an image too involved in the mix. For instance, a white sweatshirt has ‘Sunday Service’ written in gray. The seal of the New York state is in black. New York state and ‘Jesus is King’ is written in yellow on a base of blue. The seal and the yellow text are on the left and ‘Sunday Service’ is written in the center; close to the neckline.

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