Five Key Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Matching Dresses for Mom and Daughters

mom and me dresses

Being a mom, you want to make the best of the time with your little kid or toddler. Seeing kids grow so fast is not only an emotional journey, but you never want to miss a single moment and make sure to create some beautiful memories so that you can cherish them forever. Especially, in the case of daughters, you make sure that you are doing everything to make her smile as she will grow up and leave the house one day.

And that is why the trend of mom and me dresses have been so popular for the last two decades. Dressing up with your baby, be it twinning or mismatching outfits, mom and me dresses are a hit. But you need to make sure that while you are picking up the matching mom and me dresses, you need to consider few things so that the pictures would come out great and you will spend the best time with your daughter.

#1  Comfort

The most important thing to remember while you buy the mom and dresses is the comfort. Since your daughter is really small, she will not understand whether a particular outfit is making her comfortable or not. She might become cranky or feel irritated because the fabric of the dress is pinching her whole body. You do not want that to happen. So, make sure that you are choosing an outfit that is made of cotton or silk that would feel soft on her skin and she can roam around with you for the whole day with a big smile and lots of giggles.

#2  Color

The most important point to remember while you are picking mom and me dresses is the color. You must pick a color that complements both your personality and complexion. But usually, when it comes to mom and me dresses, pastel shades are always preferred by the moms. If you look at Kim Kardashian and North West’s mom me pictures, you will always spot the duo in colors like metallic grey, bottle green, purple, and mostly black. These colors stand out from every other color and make it a great mix for pictures.

#3  Pattern

Picking up the right pattern for your mom and me dresses plays an important role here. There are various patterns available in the market like stripes, checks, plain, florals to name a few. Depending on which occasion you are going to twin with your baby and what season it is going to be, you can choose the right pattern for you and your baby. You can pick a skirt and blouse in a check pattern as it goes well. Or if you are thinking about the florals then you can have a beautiful flowy long and short dress for both of you. Remember Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s mom and me floral dress in sea green? It was a hit on Instagram when she shared the picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

#4  Accessories

There are tons of accessories that are available online that you can match up with your mom and me dresses. Depending on what outfits you are choosing, you can select the accessories. For instance, if you are going to wear a skirt and top then you can match it up with boots. For hair, you can choose headbands. These days, the headbands have become a hit as they come in numerous patterns, colors, and textures. You can pick one for yourself and your little one for a cute look.

#5  Uniqueness

Well, you know that “it is for the gram”! And that demands uniqueness. Make sure that you are choosing the mom and me dresses that are different than what others are wearing. You can find tons of things in online stores. All you need to do is have an eye to spot the unique dress that would suit you and your little one’s personality.

You have different options right from skirts, comfy t-shirts, little black dresses, floral dresses, checkered patterns, lace dresses, etc to choose from. Make sure that you and your little one are feeling comfy enough to enjoy that precious time with you while you make unforgettable memories. Just remember these tips while you pick any outfit and let the smiles do the talking!

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