Get a Great Tan with the Right Tanning Bed Lotion

Everyone loves having a smooth, beautiful tan; however, as much as we’d like to, we can’t just vacation in warm climates all year round. And as easy as it is to get a tan when you’re relaxing, a surprising amount of science and methodology can go into replicating the look! It’s not as simple as just jumping into a tanning bed and hoping it works. For any quality result, you should use the right materials, and that includes tanning lotions for tanning beds.

Deciding on the right ingredients

There are thousands of brands out there, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different information. Just remember that everyone’s skin is very, very different, so when you’re considering tanning lotions for tanning beds, start by looking at some of the common ingredients in these products and what their likely benefits will be for your skin.

Most tanning lotions for tanning beds include measures of silicon and/or hemp seed oil. Both of these ingredients help to protect and moisturize your skin. Dry skin will crack, flake, or break, causing you to loose the pigmentation that you’re aiming for, so moisturizing is extremely important. Many also include Vitamin E, which may help to reduce wrinkle lines, or Vitamin A, which enhances pigmentation absorption. A bit more superficially, many tanning lotions for tanning beds use a source of caffeine to help “energize” the skin’s appearance, which may help in achieving a healthy “puffiness.” Some even add a little bit of a glitter or shimmer to reflect light and give your skin some shine or glow.

The basics of the “base tan”

When you talk to anyone about tanning, they’ll inevitably use the term “base tan.” Basically, your skin is like every other muscle and organ in your body. If you overload it all at once with something it isn’t used to, you’re likely going to hurt yourself. Jumping in with too much UV right away is the fastest way to get a painful sunburn, and you’ll set your whole project back as your skin heals. Building a proper base tan is incredibly important. Tanning lotions for tanning beds, such as maximizer formulas, are very useful in safely building up your base tan. They moisturize your skin to protect against burns while also accelerating the UV treatment itself. When you’re ready, you can start to look more seriously at some other lotion options.

Hot or cold?

A popular tanning lotion for tanning beds includes “hot action” lotions. Hot action lotions tend to stimulate blood flow to your skin (you may notice a slight flush to your skin tone), which can increase the effects of UV in your tanning bed. These lotions will generally create a “tingling” sensation as well. Other effects generally include moisturizing and increases in melanin production, causing quicker results.

Some lotions are specifically created as a “tanning extender.” Tanning lotions for tanning beds like this are often created with maintenance of your look in mind, as opposed to darkening your skin drastically. These lotions are meant to be combined with a skin and tan care routine, and they usually include some regular tanning sessions to keep your skin showing off your ideal glow.

Experience matters

As with everything, there is rarely a perfect market substitute for experience. The internet has a ton of good resources for learning and discussing tanning lotions for tanning beds, as well as how they might differ from other tanning methods and across different skin types, climates, and exposures. But even with the entire world’s opinions at your fingertips, sometimes, it’s still your best bet to talk to an in-person expert at your favorite tanning salon. The people at your studio will likely have access to a wealth of experience witnessing tanning results, and they may also have access to sample-size lotions, which can dramatically reduce costs when you’re looking to try something new.

Your skin is your skin, and nobody knows what you like better than yourself, so you should use informed opinions and see what works for you. The specialists there will have the best on-hand view of your week-to-week tanning progress, and they will be able to offer helpful tips on proper application methods. They can also guide you to alternative tanning lotions for tanning beds, or even recommend other non-tanning lotions that may help your skin get your desired results safely.

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