why should you always use tanning bed lotions before using a tanning bed?

tanning bed lotion

Are you looking to get the perfect tan? Tanning bed lotion is critical for anybody using a tanning bed, and skipping it can result in utter disaster. If you want your skin to remain moisturized, protect your tattoos, attain the best, most rich colors, have vibrant results, prevent burns, and more, then your first step should be finding an awesome tanning bed lotion. Let’s take a dive into the most crucial ways a tanning bed lotion can help you.

Stay Moisturized

You want your skin to stay soft and moisturized, and a good tanning bed lotion will ensure it does. Without a tanning bed lotion to help, tanning beds often dry out your skin, particularly if you tan often. Tanning bed lotions have soothing ingredients that prevent painful dryness and cracking, such as Aloe, and they will make your tanning experience a lot more pleasant. You can’t feel or look your best with dried out and itchy skin, but quality tanning bed lotions will have you feeling significantly refreshed.

Protect Your Tattoos

Using a tanning bed lotion is super helpful in protecting your tattoos from fading, changing color, or distorting. If you find a decent tanning bed lotion, your tattoos can stay just as beautiful and vibrant, no matter how much tanning you do.

Tattoos often cost a pretty penny, and they can mean a lot to you personally, so it’s important to take the proper precautions with them. You deserve to get that awesome bronze on your skin without worrying that your tattoos will become distorted messes. Save yourself the worry, and the additional costs for tattoo damages, and get a tanning bed lotion that will prevent tattoo damage.

Get the Rich, Dark Color You Desire

If you’re going in for a tan, you’re going to want a lovely, rich, and darkened tone for your skin. The last thing you want is to end up bright orange. If you don’t use a tanning bed lotion, or if you use the wrong one, you can end up with some colors you probably aren’t looking for. If you find a good tanning bed lotion, you can feel confident you’ll achieve a darker tone that still looks natural. It can be near impossible to get the right tones without an awesome tanning bed lotion, so it’s best to avoid experimenting with tanning your skin without them.

Nice Fragrance

An excellent bonus of using a tanning bed lotion is that you’ll often find sweet, appealing fragrances. A nice smell can really make the difference in feeling refreshed, so this benefit shouldn’t be underestimated. Make sure you find a good tanning bed lotion with some nice, subtle scents, and avoid the undesirable chemical smells that can come with the wrong tanning methods.


Tanning bed lotion is an essential component of any vibrant tan. Are you after a beautiful glow? You deserve to feel and look incredible when you tan, and that’s what a tanning bed lotion can give you. Tanning bed lotions enhance your skin’s tan in the best way possible, and they should never be missed out on.

Cooling Properties

Tanning beds can get hot, especially if you’re in for a longer tanning session. It’s vital to find the right tanning bed lotion because they can help a lot with your personal comfort. Tanning bed lotions often have cooling properties that make sure you aren’t sweltering and irritated while you tan, and that isn’t something to be overlooked. Your comfort and enjoyment of the tanning experience are of the utmost importance, which makes tanning bed lotions well worth your while.

Prevent Burns

Since tanning bed lotions help you to tan quicker, they can also help to prevent you from burning. The less time you have to spend in the tanning bed, the less risk you are for burning or blistering. You should never have to risk injury for a tan, and a tanning bed lotion will help to ensure you’re safe and your tanning process is convenient.

Overall, there are many reasons why using a tanning bed lotion is absolutely essential, including moisture, tattoo protection, color control, fragrance, vibrance, cooling, and burn prevention. If you’re looking to achieve a wonderful and refreshing tan, tanning bed lotion is a necessary step to take.

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