Things You Need to Know About Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is a technique that can help you get the desired eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent tattooing procedure that deposits pigments on the skin under the eyebrows. The added ink makes the eyebrows look fuller. You can even enhance your eyebrow shape using this technique.

If you are considering microblading your eyebrows, here are the things you need to know.

Always choose an experienced microblading artist for the job

You need to take the same precautions when choosing the right microblading artist as you will do with your tattoo artist. Microblading is essentially a tattooing technique. So, you need to ensure that only the best artist does the job on your eyebrows.

You can use a simple online search to find reputable microblading artists in your city. For instance, use search keywords such as microblading eyebrows Miami (if your requirement is in Miami). Using such keywords will help you find the names of leading microblading artists in your local area. You can then check their websites or schedule a consulting session with them to know more about their work experience and availability.

It pays to take your time to find the right artist for the job. Check their parlor and see if it looks up-to-the-mark in terms of cleanliness. Check if the tools are lying around the shop or neatly arranged at their designated places. Also, consider the ease of scheduling a session with the artist as a point of consideration when finalizing one for your microblading session.

It requires at least two sessions

Microblading consists of two sessions. The initial session will essentially reshape and fill your eyebrows as needed. The retouch session (4-6 weeks apart) helps to further refine the job.

During the retouch session, the artist can even fill your eyebrows a bit more depending on the requirement. The initial session can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. But add more time to your session for things such as discussing the requirement, creating the template for the new brow shape, and making adjustments to the shape.

You may also require maintenance sessions (every 1-3 years) depending on the results. The pigments can begin to fade after a year or so. You may want to schedule touch-up sessions as needed.

The results can vary depending on your skin type

Depending on whether your skin is dry or oily; the results of microblading can differ a bit. Drier skins can retain pigments better than oily skins. But an experienced artist can work on the eyebrows in a way that the actual results can be as you desire. If you have oily skin, you may require deeper pigments or more number of strokes. Your microblading artist will adjust the work accordingly to get you the best results from the procedure.

The healing post microblading is best with aftercare instructions

Every tattooing technique requires proper care after the job is complete. The same applies to microblading.

Your microblading artist will give you all the aftercare instructions you will need to post your session. Instructions can include keeping out of the sun for a few days or cleaning the brows with lukewarm water dipped in cotton balls. Your artist may also offer you a cream to use or recommend some names that you can buy from elsewhere. If you have oily skin, you may require fewer cream applications than those with drier skin types.

The cost can differ from salon to salon

The cost of microblading eyebrows Miami can differ from one artist to another; from one salon to another too. Reputable and more experienced artists may charge a bit more than those who have just started to offer microblading services. The reputation of the salon can also add to the cost of the treatment.

You can inquire about the costs beforehand or check the pricing information on a shop’s website. The cost of initial and retouch sessions differ. Retouch session will cost you a fraction of the initial session. You can easily find reputable tattoo shops offering microblading at economical rates.

It is best to choose the artist based on his or her experience rather than the cost of the procedure. It will help you get the best results in a safe manner.

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