Tips to Remove Eyebrow Tattoos Safely and Effectively

You can’t take chances with the skin around your eyes. It is all very well to get eyebrow tattoos. But removing them is another matter altogether. You will not only need to find the best method for eyebrow tattoo removal but also the right technician to do it.

Consider these tips to remove eyebrow tattoos safely and effectively.

Choose a safe eyebrow tattoo removal method

There are many ways to remove eyebrow tattoos such as creams, lasers, and Tattoo Vanish.

Creams are really not effective and such products can also cause allergic reactions around the eye area (which is never good). Your forehead skin can break out in boils or rashes. Creams can cause itchy skin too.

Lasers are effective in removing tattoos but this type of treatment is not the safest option for it. Laser beams can damage surrounding blood vessels and cause blisters. The recovery for the same can take weeks. Lasers can also cause dark or light patches on the skin. If not done with care, lasers can also cause scarring on the skin. Lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the color pigments, which the body absorbs. So, you will end up ingesting toxic colors. 

Tattoo Vanish is a relatively safe method to remove all types of inks including eyebrow tattoos. It involves the use of a machine (similar to tattoo guns) for tattoo removal. The technician first applies a numbing cream on the area to be treated. Once the numbing effect takes place, the machine is used on the inked pattern. The procedure removes tattoos by bringing colors to the surface. The colors accumulate and form a scab. When the scab dries, it will fall off; and the tattoo will slowly disappear.

Tattoo Vanish is also very effective in removing tattoos. You will require fewer sessions as compared to laser treatments. It is also completely natural and doesn’t involve the use of any harmful chemicals.

So, when it comes to the safest and the most effective eyebrow tattoo removal method, Tattoo Vanish ticks all the boxes.

Select an experienced and expert technician

The expertise and experience of the technician are extremely important when it comes to safely removing eyebrow tattoos. So, ensure that you spend some time to look for a technician of repute.

Search online for Tattoo Vanish technicians. Check their websites or social channels of their businesses to get to know more about their work. You can also read online reviews about them, if available.

Read about their experience in offering eyebrow tattoo removal via Tattoo Vanish. Check if they have the necessary licenses to offer the tattoo removal work or not. Identify one or two technicians that you like so far based on the above factors.

Send them an inquiry to check their availability.

Schedule a free consultation

Professional Tattoo Vanish technicians offer free consultations to their prospective clients. Book a consulting session with the technician who is available as per your convenience. If you can wait a while for the technician of your choice, it is best to do so.

During the free consultations, the technician will explain to you the process of Tattoo Vanish. As the process involves the use of a local anesthetic agent, you should be really comfortable with it. Tattoo Vanish is not completely pain-free. But the use of the numbing agent makes it tolerable. It is indeed more bearable than laser treatments.

The technician may also examine your eyebrow tattoos and the surrounding area. The technician may inquire if you have previously attempted to remove the tattoos. It can give them an idea about your skin’s conditions if you there are breakouts on it. The technician will also give you an idea about the time it may take to complete each session.

The technician may be able to give you an estimated figure for the number of sessions you may require. But it is not possible to know the answer in advance as it depends on the results achieved after each session.

Use this time to also inquire about the cost of each session. It should be in your budget. So, don’t be shy with this inquiry.

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