Top Three Points to Consider While Choosing Piercing Shops

Body piercing has become very popular and piercing shops are springing up like mushrooms everywhere. But if you have decided to go for body piercing, you need to be careful.

Getting a body piercing is not as simple as it seems. There is a risk of infections and blood-borne diseases through contaminated needles and other equipment. So, it is extremely important to choose the right piercing shop.

If you search the internet for piercing shops near me, you will get a list of piercing shops in your area. But you don’t know which one will be safe. Here are the top three points to consider while choosing piercing shops:

The Reputation of the Shop

Body piercing demands precision and perfection. So, it is important to choose a reputed piercing shop.

From the results that you get when you search for piercing shops near me, you should conduct thorough research.

Take a look at their website to know more about them. Read online reviews and also check out their social media channels to find out what people have to say about a particular piercing shop. You can also get referrals from friends and family.

It takes years of practice and dedication to perform piercing skillfully and accurately. Before you choose a piercing shop, find out if the piercer has the experience and skill set necessary for the task.

You wouldn’t want an inexperienced artist to perform your piercing. Body piercing is a form of art and expression but above all, it involves a procedure with your body. The needle needs to touch the skin exactly where the piercing should be and not anywhere else. Also, some areas of the body are more delicate than others and you would want an experienced piercer to carry out the piercing.

You shouldn’t be shy inquiring about the experience of the piercing artist at any shop where you are considering getting your piercing done. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a piercer what he or she has done to keep their knowledge base current.  

Ask to see the piercing artist’s portfolio to be sure if he or she has the experience and skills to perform the kind of piercing that you would like to get. Only a shop with a trained and experienced piercer will offer different types of piercings.

Also, a reputed piercing shop will operate under a license. This means that the piercing shop meets minimum requirements and has passed some sort of inspection.

The Hygiene at the Shop

The piercing equipment must be sterilized every time they are used. Make sure the piercing shop you choose uses an autoclave machine. If the autoclave is not out in the open, ask to see it. You can also ask to see the spore test result to make sure that the autoclave is used regularly to sterilize needles and piercing equipment.

The piercing shop you choose must be clean and hygienic. Also, try to find out about the piercing procedure. 

The piercer should wash his or her hands and wear gloves. They should change the gloves every time they touch anything that could potentially contaminate the gloves.

All the equipment, including needles and jewelry, should come in sealed, pre-packaged and sterilized wrappers with indicators that say they are sterile. They should be opened in front of you.

The room where the piercing will take place should be clean. The piercer should be clean. The piercing site should also be cleaned before piercing.  

The needles and other disposable material should be discarded in a Sharps container.

Staff Behavior

When you enter the piercing shop, you should feel welcomed and be treated with respect by the staff. Your questions and apprehensions must be addressed adequately.

Piercing can be scary for people getting it for the first time. The piercer should be able to make you feel relaxed up until the moment of the piercing. And you shouldn’t repent your decision afterward.

Find out if the aftercare for your piercing will be explained to you and whether it will be provided in writing. 

When you search the net for piercing shops near me, and try to decide which one to choose, consider these points and trust your instinct.

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