What are the Best Ideas for Tattoo Removal Products

When people get tattoos, the general idea is to keep them forever. However, for a variety of reasons, they may change their minds and decide to get them removed. It may be because they dislike the finished tattoo, or else it may be out of a desire to forget painful or unpleasant memories. It can also be that they want to take on a new job where tattoos are taboo. Whatever their reasons, they will need to find a suitable tattoo removal product to erase the tattoo design from their skin.

While there are many tattoo removal products in the market, ranging from the affordable to the very expensive, their effectiveness depends on different factors. These include skin type, tattoo ink type, tattoo colors, tattoo size, tattoo location, and tattoo age. Also, some products cause more pain and discomfort than others. You will need to do your research and review the products in depth before making your selection, or you could end up burning, damaging, or scarring your skin.

Here are some of the best ideas for tattoo removal products:

Use a Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal creams are popular for being both inexpensive and relatively painless. Furthermore, you can usually apply them at home. Their effectiveness, however, depends on your skin type, the depth of ink penetration in your skin, and the other above-mentioned factors. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you may have to carry out a patch test to check if the tattoo removal cream will suit you. Apply the cream only if the patch test turns out well and there is no burning sensation on your skin or any other adverse reaction.

When applied, these tattoo removal creams cause your topmost skin layer to peel away and then bleach the tattoo ink. You will have to carry out several applications to make the tattoo ink fade away, but it may not vanish away completely. Many people still prefer to use tattoo removal creams, because they are more affordable as compared to other tattoo removal methods.

Go for Laser Surgery

Many dermatologists recommend laser surgery for removing unwanted tattoos. In laser surgery, Q-switched lasers are used to heat the skin surface in order to dislodge and remove the tattoo ink. It is possible to remove your tattoo in entirety with laser surgery, but you may need to undergo several procedures for that.

The laser procedures can be painful. Your tattoo removal technician will, no doubt, use a local anesthetic or gel to numb the pain, but you will still experience some amount of discomfort. After the procedure, your skin can bleed, blister, or swell, and you may have to apply an antibacterial cream to prevent infection.  There is also a risk that the procedure will lead to scarring.

In addition to the discomfort, laser surgery can be expensive, with prices going up to $10,000.

Get Surgical Excision

If you have small tattoos, your dermatologist may recommend surgical excision to remove them. In this procedure, the doctor will first inject you with a local anesthetic to numb the skin around your tattoo. Then, the doctor will cut away the tattooed skin with a scalpel and suture the wound. Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, you could also get a skin graft.

The upside of surgical excision is that it removes the tattoo entirely, and you can get the procedure done in one session. The downside is that it won’t be feasible for large-sized tattoos, and it can leave your skin scarred.

Try Dermabrasion

In dermabrasion, the doctor uses a circle-shaped abrasive brush that works pretty much like a rotary sander. It scrapes off your skin layer to remove the tattoo. As you might imagine, the procedure is painful and requires a local anesthetic. Furthermore, your skin will feel raw and painful for a week at least.  

Aside from the pain factor, the downside of the dermabrasion technique is that it is less effective than laser surgery or surgical incision. It can also scar your skin.

It is a good idea to consult a reputable dermatologist before using any tattoo removal product and removal procedure. The wrong choice could permanently damage your skin and affect your health.

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