What are the Different Options to Remove Eyebrow Tattoos?

An eyebrow tattoo is a type of cosmetic tattoo. It helps give a nice shape and color to your brows without you having to spend considerable time to make them look beautiful.

The need for eyebrow tattoo removal can arise if you wish to change the shape of your eyebrows. If you change your hair color, you might want your eyebrows to match them. In that case, you will need to remove your eyebrow tattoos. If your eyebrow tattoo job was not perfect, you might want to remove the ink sooner than later.

Here are the different options to remove eyebrow tattoos.


Certain creams that contain chemicals can be used to fade the eyebrow tattoos. But using creams is not the best eyebrow tattoo removal method. Creams and chemicals cannot fade away pigments completely. Fruit-based chemicals are milder than other stronger peels. But there are concerns with both types of chemicals.

Chemicals can also get inside the eyes if you or the technician is not careful. Chemicals can also cause itching and burning on the skin. Many beauticians without proper training to offer chemical peels perform the tattoo removal procedure. But it can be really risky. If you opt for chemicals and creams for eyebrow tattoo removal; ensure that you choose a trained professional for the job.


Laser treatments have long been popular to remove all kinds of tattoos. You can use lasers to remove eyebrow tattoos too. You might require 5 or 10 sessions depending on the shade and size of your eyebrows. You should only seek treatment from trained professionals.

Laser treatment requires local anesthesia. Once your eyebrow area is numb, the technician or the doctor will focus the lasers on it. The lasers will break the pigments and the body will absorb the ink. You will require healing time after each session. So, it can also take a long time to remove eyebrow tattoos using lasers. Lasers can also cause scarring if the procedure is not carried out carefully.

The results you will get from lasers will also depend on the type of light used to remove your eyebrow tattoos. There are different types of lasers used in the cosmetic industry. Not all laser technicians offer every type of laser treatment. So, you may want to inquire about the laser treatments before scheduling a session at a clinic.

Some types of lasers can also cause hyperpigmentation. In order to minimize scarring risks, your technician may combine two lasers to remove eyebrow tattoos.

Lasers are also not effective in removing all types of pigments completely. So, if your eyebrows are colored in shades that the laser cannot remove properly, you will need to choose a different way to remove the tattoos.

Tattoo Vanish

One of the best ways to remove eyebrow tattoos is to use the Tattoo Vanish Method. The technician will apply a local anesthetic to the eyebrow region before starting the removal procedure. Next, the technician will apply a gel to the eyebrows area to help open up the skin. Then the technician will use an ink eraser on the eyebrows. The eraser will pull the ink onto the skin’s surface. The technician can then wipe the ink away.

You will require fewer sessions of Tattoo Vanish than lasers. Unlike lasers; the skin doesn’t absorb the pigments in the Tattoo Vanish Method. So, it is safer. There is also no risk of scarring or infections when you use Tattoo Vanish.

But it is still important to seek treatment from licensed technicians trained to offer the Tattoo Vanish method of tattoo removal.

Tattoo Vanish is completely natural. The recovery time post the treatment is not more than two weeks. Depending on your eyebrow shape and the skin type, the healing time can be even less. Tattoo Vanish is also less painful than lasers. It is very effective in removing tattoos with only a few sessions.

Trained Tattoo Vanish technicians also offer free consulting sessions. So, you can schedule a session with them and know all about the method.

When it comes to eyebrow tattoo removal product or method, it is important to choose an effective and safe product or method of doing so.

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