Why Double Layer Eyelashes Have Become a Favourite Accessory?

False eyelashes are a popular accessory that enhances a person’s face and helps them achieve a more perfect make-up look. False eyelashes are prominently used by both men and women across the globe. There are a lot of people who like dramatic makeup that allows them to be a face in the crowd. And there are a quite few, to love the exaggerated looks and the fun loud makeup provides. To achieve that, people have started layering lashes to make them thicker. Also known as double layer eyelashes, they are a popular choice in the beauty industry currently due to the drama and enhancement they provide to a person’s features.

Types of Layered Lashes To Enhance Your Look:

There are two options available for double lashes.

1.  Lash strips that have double the number of lashes on them. They can be layered one on top of the other. Or they can be a thicker false eyelash with double the number of lashes on them. These generally tend to be expensive. But these are more convenient to use than the other alternative mainly because a person needs to apply only on the strip of lash instead of doubling the lashes.

The process for the application of thicker lashes is the same as that of a normal false eyelash. There are no adjustments. The only issue that arises are that generally double layered eyelash strips are heavier and require more glue.

2.  The second option is using two false lashes on each eye, i.e. 4 lashes in total in one makeup look. This way a person can increase the volume of their lashes exponentially and provide a more extreme, properly made-up face. These lashes don’t look real at all and are meant to be an exaggeration of the persons features. Before application, the user needs to first match the length of the lash hair as well as the length of the lash band. They should also burl both the lash strips equally to avoid any problem later or to avoid making the lashes look weird.

Although the general method of application is the same for all false eyelashes in the case of stacked eyelashes there are two possible methods.

(I)  The first is applying one false eyelash strip over the other. But first, you must measure and compare their lengths. The lashes should be equivalent in length. Also, if you have a smaller face, you should choose to buy one set of lashes that are fuller in the middle and if you have a larger face, you should buy one set of lashes that have a fuller end. The other set of lashes should be the general crisscrossed ones.

(II)  The second method is to stick the two false eyelashes together first before applying on the eyelid. You must wait until the glue has completely dried and the lashes are fully stuck together. Then apply glue on the conjoined band. Allow the glue to dry a bit and get a little tough. Then use tweezers or your fingers to put the eyelashes on your eyes and press firmly. It’s better to use more glue at the end to ensure that the lashes don’t fall off.

This also allows a person, who like it, to be the center of attention and adds drama to their features and their overall look. This method lets people customize the lash length as well as the lash thickness. The double lashes are also thicker than the other option of double hair lash strips.

Double lashes or double-lash containing false eyelashes are sometimes enough to style your face and you wouldn’t need to apply much eyeshadow or eyeliner this is because they provide the necessary dramatic effect and enhance a person’s features. A person can simply apply cat-eye or winged eyeliner with nude/ light-colored eye makeup and use double lashes to accentuate their eyes and to complete their make-up look.

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