Everything You Ever Need to Know About Kappa Delta Shirts

Nothing quite captivates the appearance of sisterhood like a sorority having Kappa Delta shirts on their bodies. The reputed designers help in customizing your shirts by putting the name of the members with the help of silkscreen technology. There are lots of online as well as brick and mortar stores where you will get custom-made shirts, long sleeve shirts, embroidered designer shirts and many more that you will surely crave to grab a dress. While choosing for the best shirt, consult your style representative who with enough experience will guide you in the right direction as well as help you in saving money. Have various shirts in the closet for going to different events. One can get various discounts at Kappa delta stores so look for the season when the sale is going on and rush at the store with your friends to get the best ones at affordable rates. You can choose various shirts like trendy, classic, vintage, etc. that helps in promoting your inner spirit and groove. We will be presenting you some tips for choosing the right shirt so that you become a hit among the sorority.

Fitting and Styles – The sorority shirts vary in cut and size as every individual has a different style, so while choosing you must consider the fitting of the dress and whether it would look good or not. A shirt is more of a relaxed, casual look so one should not expect to look fancy or sexy, and this should be kept in mind when deciding what shirt to wear on a particular day.

Type of your Body – It is wise to choose a shirt that suits your body without over-exposing. First, you must accept your body type, and there is a shirt available in the market for every sister. No need to think that there are some beauty standards, simply putting you must feel comfortable while wearing your Kappa Delta shirt.

Exposing the Right Area – The sorority shirts are available in various cuts so you must find which part of the body you are most comfortable and downplaying the rest portions. Suppose, if you adore your arms but not feeling confident of your upper chest, go for a shirt having sleeves a little less than average with a cut neck. If you consider your legs the most appealing feature of the body, then buy a baggier shirt that highlights your exposed legs.

Sending a Message – Whatever shirt you are wearing it sends a message to the people. Maybe you are comfortable with a skin-tight and low cut shirt where your midriff is exposed but very likely you would be perceived by a girl who prefers to wear a more basic and conservative shirt that does not expose any body part. There is no wrong or right message, and it is just the message one is conveying by wearing a particular design. It does not make sense what style of Kappa Delta shirt you are wearing, but the design and the logo greatly affects the message you are sending to the community. Someone having a sports logo on their shirts would be perceived differently than someone sporting a kitty logo or a vintage Zeppelin design.

Color – Suppose you are going for a fundraising program, opt for black or white shirt rather choosing a red or blue colored shirt. For rush events, you can choose funky colors without any particular dress code. Considering the color of your hair, skin, and eyes try different colored shirts that would compliment your body. If you are not comfortable in wearing grey or orange color, simply avoid it. It is best to keep the color of the shirts basic so that you can have more fun by trying with different outfits and accessories.

Trendy Shirts – A slim-cut shirt with fringe might be the craze for one day, and in the coming week a baggy shirt going down on your knees would hit the market by storm. There is no thumb rule that you need to follow the trends, if you are comfortable with the latest design to go for it or if you think it is looking absurd then do not follow.

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