Here Are Today’s Best Ideas for Tattoo Removal Products

When you had the idea of getting inked, you have never thought that one day you have to remove your tattoo which was so close to your heart. However, circumstances change and if you want to wipe out completely then what is the best option. Read on to know the best ideas for tattoo removal product.

Laser Procedure

The best tattoo removal product that will top the list is laser removal. In recent years, it is the most preferred method. At times you will feel a lot of pain and it is more painful than getting inked. Most times there will be a bit of scarring on the skin and it is difficult to remove the scar fully. This is the reason you should think before having a tattoo rather not getting carried away in excitement. Also, get inked from a reputed artist so that you do not bear the pain in the future for tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Removal cream is not expensive and people tend to use a lot for getting rid of the tattoo. if you mix some the cream with home remedy and apply three to four times on a daily basis, you will notice a great portion of your tattoo will disappear in a few months. Although this process takes a long time but ultimately your tattoo will fade.

Cover up

If you adore tattoos but own a tattoo that is not meeting your standards, then you have the option for choosing a tattoo removal product that is cover up where an experienced tattoo artist will be creating a new tattoo over the old one as per your requirements.

Apricot and Aloe Vera

Make a mix of equal amounts of vitamin, apricot and aloe vera and apply on the tattoo. Keep it for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse off with cold water. Repeat three times daily and you will notice tattoo will start fading. Continue the process until the tattoo fades completely. There might be some remains but for the most part, the tattoo will disappear.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is always regarded as the best tattoo removal product in the home remedy category that works wonder on scars. A tattoo is nothing but an everlasting scar that with skin elasticity and age will eventually fade. But, if you are willing to remove the tattoo in the most economical way without putting yourself through laser, you can reap the benefit of this Vitamin C laden fruit and get things done very easily. Squeeze fresh lime in a bowl and remove the seeds. Dab cotton into the juice and rub it on the tattoo to begin the exfoliation process. As days will pass you will realize that your tattoo will fade slowly.


Like lime, honey is also a good exfoliator and can able to lighten and brighten the tattooed area of the skin thereby removing spots or scars. You need to prepare a homemade mix of salt, sugar, honey and crushed mint leaves. Soak the cotton in the mixture and start the exfoliation process.

Cashew Nuts

Only a few people are aware of the fact that the gift basket you receive filled with cashew nuts help in removing the unwanted tattoo ink. You need to follow the steps precisely so that the daily effect of the cashew will surely lighten the ink. Take a pin to make a hole in the top of a cashew nut seed and remove the sap from the nut and place on the tattooed area. After fully covering the tattooed area with sap, allow the sap to dry.


Although salt is a popular tattoo removal process, most of the process include scrubbing and exfoliation that may or may not show the expected results. Salabrasion is a popular tattoo removal product where only bandage foil, water and salt are required. An abrasive device is used for rubbing the area until it becomes raw after salt water is applied to the area. The skin gets inflamed quickly so, use an antibiotic and bandage the area and keep it for three days. Repeat the process until you get the desired results.

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