Why Women’s Gym Tote is the New Gym Essential?

Let’s all admit that hitting the gym in itself is challenging enough on some days, let alone when you are really not feeling it. What are some of the things you could do to motivate yourself? For starters, a good gym bag would be appropriate. Womens gym tote bags happen to be the next best thing and for good reason. Now, at least you don’t have to worry about fitting all your gym essentials into a bag that isn’t sufficient for you. Your change of clothes, towel, toiletries, wallet, keys, and phone can all stay with you without making for a troublesome experience. 

There are a number of gym bags out there with different styles and trends. Why would someone go for a women’s gym tote bag then? Maybe because a recent survey showed that everyday hustlers preferred using women’s gym tote bags instead of chunkier bags. In this article, we shall take a deep dive into the few reasons women deem gym tote bags better than the lot! 

Women’s Gym Tote= Versatility!

That’s right, a gym bag has never been so useful in places outside of the actual gym. So many different types of gym bags but why would you go for one that doesn’t even look like a gym bag? Because you can use it for other purposes. Not only are they attractive in that they come in various colors, breathable material and provide an abundance in space, but this type of gym bag can be used for more than just carrying your sweaty gym clothes. 

Post-workout, if you want to hit the grocery store or the mall, you can do that without getting judged by others: the best way if you want to fit in seamlessly into any crowd, for that matter because it exudes casual vibes like no other gym bag. In today’s day and age, there are a number of different kinds of women’s gym totes that will give you your personal style for the gym as well as for running your personal errands. Gone are the days when bulky sporty duffle bags were “in” for gym bags. 

Women’s Gym Tote= Compartmentalization!

Let’s be real, a duffle bag with shoe compartments is efficient but even then we ladies find ourselves looking for an extra compartment to fit in our lipsticks! This won’t be an issue if you’re getting yourself a gym tote bag: they are loaded with compartments for just about everything. 

Pockets for your water bottles, shoes, protein shakes, you name it! Plus, dedicated enclosures for valuables like your phone, wallet/purse, keys, etc. You no longer have to find yourself rummaging through your bag looking for things because there are compartments for everything. If you are an organizational freak, this bag is literally heaven. With extra space and micro-bacterial compartments for your worn workout clothes, you don’t have to worry about them getting mixed up with the rest of your stuff, and what’s best, it won’t stink up the rest of your essentials in your bag. 

Women’s Gym Tote= Good Material!

Even though this is not a claim that can be made for every women’s gym tote bag out there, it is often true. Most gym tote bags are designed specifically to protect your belongings from getting wet, aka, they are water-resistant. Additionally, gym tote manufacturers ensure that your laundry compartments are odor-resistant (let’s face it, no one likes a smelly tote bag). This demands construction out of breathable materials or at least the addition of mesh or vented fabric in those compartments. 

Pro tip: if you’re an environmentalist, you might want to opt for cruelty-free biodegradable options! 

Not to mention, they are much easier to clean than say your chunkier duffle gym bags. Low maintenance requires a women’s gym tote bag only to be wiped down with a damp cloth at most. If stained, you may opt for spot cleaning, but that’s the extent of it. You can even throw it in the washing machine for most materials. Getting a gym bag never felt so easy before!

Women’s Gym Tote= So Damn Fashionable!

And lastly, the factor that could convince any women any time of day: it is so fashionable! A few years ago tote bags become the new best thing and everyone started getting them. It wasn’t until much later that women’s gym tote bags became a thing but once it did, it never left the world of fitness- that’s right, it’s here to stay! Might as well join in on the cult and get hustling with the best type of gym bag there is out there! 

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